Individual 1:1 Swim Lessons

With over 20 years of competitive swim experience, Coach Cindi and Coach Steve both have extensive knowledge in swim stroke analysis and teach effective techniques that will help you develop a swim stroke that is efficient and powerful.

Private Lessons
Coach Cindi and Coach Steve offer private swim lessons to help you develop and refine your swim stroke.

Swim Stroke Analysis and Technique Refinement
$45 ~ 30-40 minute lesson

Open Water Swim Analysis and Guidance
$65 ~ 60 minute lesson

Underwater Video Analysis and Technique Refinement
$100 ~ 50 minute lesson, followup discussion and sharing of all swim videos

All lessons include analysis and feedback of current swim stroke and demonstration of technique drills to improve swim efficiency.

Morning, afternoon and evening times available. Lessons are scheduled at several Madison locations including Gold’s Gym and Supreme Health and Fitness.

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