Tip of the Week: Changing a Flat Tire

Our goal for this tip of the week is to make sure all our athletes know how to change a flat tire. If you are going to call yourself a cyclist or triathlete, you need to know how to take care of your bike, and the most basic bike maintenance is changing a flat tire. No more calls to your spouse to pick you up 30 miles from home cause you are stranded by a flat! ;)

Be prepared with all the equipment you need to fix a flat on the road:
1) Spare bike tube
2) Tire levers (2)
3) CO2 inflator
4) CO2 cartridge

Watch this Video by Trek Bicycles to walk you through the steps of fixing a flat.

For those of you in Madison, we'll have an opportunity to practice this after our Saturday bike session... so come prepared with the above equipment. For everyone else, practice this at home before hitting the outdoor riding this spring so you feel comfortable and confident in your ability to fix your own flat.