Open Water Swim Training 2017

Compliment your swim training with race specific open water swim practice.

Tuesdays from May 30 – September 5
6:00 – 7:00am
(rain date each week on Thursdays 6:00-7:00am)

Bonus Swims:
3 Devil’s Lake swims @ 8:00am (South Shore)
Sundays June 25; Sunday July 23, Saturday August 26

4 Pre-Aquathon swims @ 5:45pm at Warner Park Beach
Thursdays: June 8, July 6, July 20, August 10

Classes will focus on essential open water swim topics including:
* Stroke technique
* Open water sighting
* Drafting and pack-swimming
* Swim conditioning
* Triathlon entries and exits
* Triathlon swim to bike transitions

Swim Locations and Schedule:
June: Verona Quarry at Fireman’s Park
July: Lake Mendota at Marshall Park OR Lake Wingra at Vilas Beach (dependent on water quality)
August: Lake Monona at Law Park
(Locations subject to change due to water quality fluctuations)

First practice on Tuesday, May 30th.

Session Fees: $220 for all classes for 3+ months

Registration Form Here.